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Finding the right shoe

Finding the right shoe

Just as your car regularly needs an oil change, athletes both young and old also need to regularly replace their running shoes to ensure peak performance. But all running shoes aren’t created equal. Your foot type, running and walking gait, shape, length and width all help determine which running shoes will be comfortable, reduce stress on the feet and body, and help prevent injury down the road. It is important that you first understand your feet.


6 Steps to the perfect fit and shoe selection


  1. Establish foot type and running gait. 
  2. Measure both feet for correct sizing.
  3. Select shoes to try on based on foot type,mileage and terrain use.
  4. Select technical sock for moisture management and blister prevention.
  5. Check selected shoes for fit , comfort and suitability
  6. Follow suggested "breaking in" period for new shoes


We recommend the following to break your new shoes in


  1. Wear the shoes for two to three hours indoors if possible.
  2. Make sure there is no obvious discomfort or pressure points or excessive heel slip.
  3. Wear the shoes for a 30 to 40 minute walk checking for overall comfort.
  4. After 2-3, 5 km runs your shoes should now be at their maximum comfort and you can resume your normal running programme with them.



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